• Concert Audio

    Audio is where it all started 30 years ago. As the years progressed so has the technology. Today, at Stage & Audio we offer three concert systems; the Platinum System has JBL Vertec 4888 speakers, the Gold System has VRX932LA speakers and the Silver System has 4892 Array speakers. We also offer a variety of powered speakers designed to meet our client’s needs. Our Audio Systems consist of Yamaha Mixing Consoles and either Crown or Yamaha amplifiers.

    Please contact hire@stage.net.au or call on 0749 228 8233 for further details.

  • Concert Lighting

    At Stage & Audio Event Solutions we believe lighting is just as essential as audio in creating a memorable experience. This is why we are continually investing in new lighting technologies. Our lighting shows are created to compliment and enhance your conference or special occasion.

    For a lighting quote or consultation contact hire@stage.net.au or call on 0749 228 833

  • Staging & Rigging

    We have a number of staff who are qualified Dogger & Riggers. They will assist you from the conceptual stage to the delivery or your event. With 100’s of metres of trussing, over 100m2 of staging, winch up trees, chain motors and curtain call the possibilities are close to limitless.  Stage & Audio are also the proud owners of two mobile staging solutions. (Refer to P29 of catalogue dimensions & details)


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